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Design & Engineering

NY Firetech Inc. has experienced designers that will plan out the fire protection system according to your requirement. We will get your design approved and stamped by the New York City Fire Department or Building Department, making sure the designs meet safety requirements and industry standards.
UL-300, FM, BSA requirements
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-96, NFPA-17A) standards.

Hazard Analysis

NY Firetech Inc. can provide your business with a complete and viable analysis of the fire hazards that are present in your kitchen equipment area. This the first step in the process used to assess risk. The purpose of a hazard analysis is to effectively identify the risk and provide solutions to the preliminary level of risk. Confirmation of risk and accurate risk prediction are the best option for controlling or eliminating risk.

Inspection & Testing

We do periodic system inspections and maintenance services for your fire systems. Customized service agreements are available from simple inspection-only services up to complete full-service maintenance service agreements. All inspections are performed in accordance with the applicable New York City standards as well as those of the National Fire Protection Association. Our team will estimate the installation time and budget by applying knowledge of engineering principles and financial analysis.


System inspection and testing are some of the most important things you can do to make sure your system is always safe and operational properly at all times. We make regular schedules with our customers to conduct monthly inspections, annual/semi-annual maintenance, recharges/refills, 5/12 year hydrostatic tests and air pressure tests to obtain Letters of Approval issued by New York Fire Department.

Installation & Build

You can find some of the most innovative and advanced fire protection products and solutions available from NY Firetech Inc. We constantly seek high quality suppliers to provide products which can protect your people and valuable assets. The teams behind these brands are dedicated to continual advancement and innovation, ensuring the fire protection products which they provide is of the highest possible quality. Our relationships with the following distributors allow us to install only the best in your commercial establishment:

Range Guard, Pyro Chem, Protex II, Buckeye

Our premium service is considering the issue from customer position and perspective. Therefore, we will arrange an estimator tp meet with you as soon as possible so that you can get your project started as soon as possible. Our estimators are highly experienced in the fire protection field and qualified to accurately and completely provide proposal for your project.

Violation Removal

We can help you with removing your violations with The NYC Fire Department. Call our office at 718-888-2999/2992 to get more information on how to dismiss the violation and get you back on track with your operations. You can also leave a message with us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Emergency Services Are Available Upon Request

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